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7:00 PM - Arrival at The Monkey Vault, Havdallah

7:00-9:00 PM - Ninja Warrior group lesson, free play, and snacks

9:00 PM - Pickup from The Monkey Vault


Where/when do I drop off/pick up my child?

You may drop off your child at The Monkey Vault in Downsview (75 Carl Hall Rd - Unit 15) at 7:00 PM and pick them up from The Monkey Vault at 9:00 PM. There is no bus to this event. 

What is Ninja Warrior?

Ninja warrior is a parkour/obstacle course/playground activity. No previous skills or knowledge are necessary for participation.

What is the price for this event? What does this include?

This program has an early bird price of $30 CAD for those who register before January 1, and a regular price of $40 CAD for those who register between January 1 and January 11. This includes a private group ninja warrior lesson, snacks, and plenty of free play time on the ninja warrior course! We are not serving dinner. This does not include transportation.

Anything else I should know?

Please bring your own full water bottle - there will be fountains to refill your bottle, but please bring your own water bottle. Also, please dress in comfortable/athletic clothes and running shoes. Also, there is a waiver that must be signed that is included in the registration forms in order to participate. 

Feel free to email with any other questions or concerns.

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