ECRUSY Regional Board

Executive Board

Religion/Education VP

Aviya Krauss

  • 8807

Hey I’m Aviya and I’m the regional REL/ED. I love embroidery, skateboarding and music. I got to TanenbaumCHAT which is in Toronto. I love USY so so much and I’m so lucky to be part of it!

Membership/Kadima VP

Liat Wolfish

  • 8807

Hi I’m Liat and I am the regional memkad. I do competitive karate. Bit don’t worry because I’m not that scary one you meet me. In my free time I like to make up instruments. One of my most recent creations is a guitar horn thing. 

Communications VP

Sari Weinroth

  • 8807

Hi!! I’m Sari and I’m so excited to be your Comm VP this year! When I’m not Zooming with my friends, I love to dance, draw, and especially paint! Sometimes when I get bored I like to rearrange my entire bedroom or go on long walks with my dog- depends on the weather! 

General Board

Chadashot Chair

Emma Todd

Creativity Chair

Jacob Bloom

TO Fund Chair

Olivia Stal

Mem/Kad Jr.

Audrey Baker

Mem/Kad Jr.

Maytal Mitzmacher

Mem/Kad Jr.

Meirav Wolfish

USY Buddy

Arielle Balsky

Regalia Chair

Tzipi Wolfe

Media Chair

Dylan Bloom



 Nava Wolfish

  • 8807

Hi! I’m Nava Wolfish, and I live in Ottawa, our great capital. Aside from USY I love art (pretty much any medium), ballet, math, and space! Someday I hope to be a crazy alien lady professionally, probably doing research in astrophysics!

Executive/Israel Affairs VP Shira Rudin

  • 8807

Hello! I’m Shira, the IA. When I’m not busy I’m usually enjoy a good book and sitting around with my two cats. You might also find me doing some arts and crafts - usually digital art though I dabble in other types.

Social Action/Tikkun Olam VP

Rory Sucharov-Gluck

  • 8807

Hi! I’m Rory, Ecrusy’s regional SA/TO. Outside of USY, I’m a ballet dancer and teacher. I watch an excessive amount of Netflix, and enjoy tending to my lovely succulents.