Fall Kinnus

November 14-16, 2014
Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am
55 Yeoman's road
Toronto, Ontario M3H 3J7

Disney Castle
Fall Kinnus Disney

ECRUSY is making Fall Kinnus 2014 ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ with our Disney theme! If you’re in grades 8-12 you should be at Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am Synagogue on November 14-16 for our USY Fall Kinnus. It will be an amazing weekend of non-stop fun with friends from all across Ontario.


Convention Details


Dates/Times Convention will be held from Friday, November 14 – Sunday, November 16, 2014. Convention sign-in in Toronto will begin at 11:30 AM, in Hamilton will begin at 10:30 AM, and in London will begin at 9:00 AM. Ottawa will need to arrive in Toronto on Thursday night, home hospitality will be provided. Convention will begin at Beth David at 12:00 PM on Friday and ends at 1:00 PM on Sunday. Please see the transportation section for details on departure and return times.
Application Information & Deadline Application can be found online at www.ecrusy.org. Please ensure you complete the entire application and submit with full payment either using Paypal or by cheque to the regional office. Registration is due by Wednesday, November 12, 2014. All applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
Registration Fee The registration fee for Convention is $166.00, including transportation, food, housing, and programming. You may pay by credit card using Paypal or by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM. The region does not offer payment plans for Convention. Financial assistance is available on a needs basis. For more information regarding financial assistance please visit www.ecrusy.org.
Cancellation Policy ECRUSY prices our conventions based solely on costs and does not make a profit from our events. As such we cannot provide full refunds after the registration deadline. The following is our cancellation schedule. All cancellations must be made in writing to Max Marmer, Regional Youth Director, either by mail, fax, or e-mail.

Cancellation on/before November 12 Full Refund
Cancellation after November 12 No Refund
Transportation ECRUSY provides transportation included in the cost of Convention. The approximate travel times are outlined below. A more up to date transportation schedule will be included in the pre-convention e-mail.

  Depart (Friday) Return (Sunday)
London 9:15 AM 3:30 PM
Hamilton 10:15 AM 2:30 PM
Ottawa The Regional Office will help to coordinate transportation to and from Toronto.
Rooming USYers will be placed in home hospitality houses courtesy of members of Beth David. Although many times beds are provided, this is not a guarantee, please bring sleeping bags and pillows with you just in case.
Shabbat The majority of our program occurs over Shabbat. No matter how much or how little exposure your teen has had with a traditional Shabbat experience in the past, our convention provides a special and unique opportunity to enjoy and participate in the enhancing of Shabbat through interactive, age-appropriate prayer, spirited song and cheering, and fun educational programs. On Shabbat, we refrain from the following: traveling, writing, handling of money, playing radios or musical instruments, and using telephones. We ask that you have your child leave their cell phone at home. If your child uses their phone during our programs or on Shabbat, it will be taken away until the end of convention.
Questions Should you have any questions before the start of convention you can contact Max Marmer, Regional Youth Director, in the Regional Office at (416) 667-1717 Ext. 106 or by e-mail at marmer@uscj.org



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