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Regional Cheers

At ECRUSY, we have many ways of keeping our spirits up, and cheers is one of our best!!!  Check out a few below.

The “O” Cheer

O! (with arm in an “o” shape above head)
There is a great big region, way up in Canada,
Where the snowshoes are the fasion, and whale meat did we gnaw,
But we could not live this way, so we threw the meat away,
And our snowshoes were replaced by winter boots,
ECRUSY- Number 1
ECRUSY- Lots of Fun
We are the greatest region in the land!
We are the greatest region in the land!
We are the greatest region in the land!


Hail ECRUSY, stand up and cheer,
Hail ECRUSY, and you better know darn well we’re here.
WE WILL FIGHT (responsive) X2
And our ruach will be strong
EVERMORE (responsive) X2
As we go marching on

The “Oy!” Cheer

Oy! (Responsive)
Oy-Yoy! (Responsive)

Oy-Yoy ECRUSY, we’re on our way
O-O-O ECRUSY, Today is our day

From amazing pretty blizzards,
To blowing maple leafs,
ECRUSY makes you happy,
And Ruach it shall teach.


As Cozy as an Igloo,
Cool as the Amidah,
It just makes us giggle,
A roo-ha-ha-ha-ha.


Sens against the leafs,
The expos they are dead,
But at Winterleague,
We play sports like jam plays bread.


Experience it all,
From Fall until you’re old,
Lets all scream together,
Pretend it’s not so cold!

Chrous (x2 with real feeling)