ECRUSY at International Fall Board Weekend 2012

This past weekend the Regional Executive Board of ECRUSY met with over 100 other USY leaders from across North America for the International Fall Boards Weekend in Newark, NJ. Each officer had the opportunity to learn from their international counterparts and gain important leadership skills to help them throughout the year to come. The board undoubtedly has come home from the weekend with a list full of great ideas for this year. Ever wonder where all your Tikkun Olam money goes? Shira Eisen, ECRUSY SA/TO VP, and Noa Zaifman, ECRUSY President, sat for 15 and a half hours in the annual Tikkun Olam allocations meeting to figure this out! Together with other regional presidents, SA/TO VPs and the SA/TO IGB, Shira and Noa helped allocate tens of thousands of dollars to over 70 organizations around the world!